Back to school – Survival Guide

Hey painters!

Classes mode: on! One more school year is starting and, concerning that fact, your crazy duo is doing for you something that we wanted someone to have done for us. We are going to give you a survival guide to help you out conquering this following months and go through those first crazy, insane, stupid, horrible first days of classes.

As young adults we want to help you out. We are going to try our best in order to write some useful piece of advice to make you shine like a supernova from day one to the last day. Worry not, you, fellow painter, Paulo and Luísa are here for you. Lucky you, our years and years of experience and stories will finally be helpful.

1) Guess what: something that you’ve never heard from us: be you! It’s important to make everyone around you love you for the great person you are. Nobody like liars or fakers, so be you. Show your true personality and believe us, people will love you.

2) Don’t be nervous. Breath in, breath out and relax. Show everybody how cool and easy going you are.

3) Be positive. Don’t leave home thinking your day is going to be the worst ever because it won’t. Try to stay calm and tell yourself that everything’s going to be fine instead. No, you won’t be judged by what you’re wearing and no, your teacher is not going to ask you something you don’t know the answer to. Or maybe all of this will happen, but you know what? It’s not the end of the world.

4) Try to make friends. Of course this won’t happen on the very first day of school, but you’re not the only person in the room who don’t know anyone. Join someone and start a conversation; ask them their name, where they are from and look for things both of you have in common. It can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Try to be open minded and be receptive to new people and new ways of thinking!

5) Dress to impress: unfortunately the 21st century fuel is the first impression. People tend to judge a complex, unique and special human being by the first thought that a person transmits. We want to use this phenomenon instead of being used by it. So, try to dress to impress, always staying comfy and casual, because, after all, it’s just another boring school day.

Are you nervous? Did those tips help? Let us know. Tell us your stories, we’ll be proud if you share it with us. Good luck and nail this year. We are sure that you’re going to be the coolest kid on the block.

Until the next post, you already know: be you, be sassy, be the best person in your school, aka the best you.


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