Being a Positive and Yes Person

Hey there,painters! How are you all doing? As you might guess from the title, I’m here to talk about how can we be positive and caring humans; also, how to be a yes person – saying ‘yes’ doesn’t necessarily mean you’re weak, it can also mean that you’re open minded and free spirit. We need to start seeing everything in all its different perspectives and I’m here to help you a bit with it. Shall we being our ‘yes’ journey? 😉

Don’t find excuses

Yes, you’ve heard me and there’s no way to deny it – we all try to find some excuses for not doing certain things. We might not want to admit to our family and friends that we are wrong, afraid or so but we definitely need to admit it to ourselves. Just do it (I’m sorry, Nike) for once; try to find your inner courage and grab the opportunity. Impulses aren’t bad, they will guide you to new experiences and will make you grow as a human.

Be selfish and love yourself (just a bit!)

Stop saying ‘sorry’ (mental note to myself right here). When you’re in your 20’s, you’ll find that you have pretty much lived a life that you didn’t wanted to, it was your parents choice – the school you first went to, the house you live in, even its decoration! It’s totally okay if you need to have your time and to pamper yourself because for once you’ve realized that you…are you. Am I making sense? You’ll totally understand that you need to create your own environment. If you want to create such thing, yes, you’ll have to be selfish – not entirely but there will be moments where you’ll have to step back and leave some people behind.

Draw the line

You won’t be able to tell where your limits are if you don’t challenge yourself! You need to push yourself and to notice where do you want to keep your attention on – is it on learning german (yup,that’s me) or cooking the biggest wedding cakes you might imagine? You need the pick those little dreams of yours and try them out, bit by bit.


Make new connections

Sometimes we only need someone new in our life – every single person is near you for some reason or purpose (let’s hope it’s not for college works) and you guys share something in common. Maybe you want to start running yet you don’t have anyone to run with? Invite someone and try to make new friends! Every friend has its ‘confortable zone’ and you need to draw the line between those ‘zones’. Also, you’ll be exposed to new ideas if you make new buddies – they are an excellent way to gain new insight or tips into a particular topic.

Be a good human today

I feel like we often forget that we don’t have to be superhumans to make someone happy – you don’t even need to know the person! Sometimes we all need that awkward smile from someone we’ve seen on the streets that has just fell and is laughing on the floor (am I not right?). Here’s a little little little list of things that you can do today and trust, they will make you feel happier: put your cart back (supermarkets will thank you), leave positive notes to your friends and colleagues, call a friend or a family member you haven’t seen in a while, thank cashiers and service people by using the name on their name-tag, clean up small messes in public eateries, open doors for people or even say ‘hello’ when you see your neighbors. You’ll see how much these details will make someone happy!

I hope you guys find these ideas helpful and if you have more please share!




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