Summing Up – Another travel log! Portimão

Hello everyone and welcome back to another SU! Today I bring you a travel log of my last vacation for this Summer. This time we went to Portimão, also a city in south of Portugal (quite close to Vilamoura honestly) but very different from each other.


Portimão is more of a family friendly city; they hold a lot of events that tourists rarely have any interest like the sardine festival (sardines are very important to Portugal) and a book fair. The beaches are also full of families instead of the typical teen tourism that likes to party. Overall, it is a very beautiful place and very relaxing and personally I enjoyed it a lot more than Vilamoura.


So let’s start with what you can do in this city – there are two beaches that suit any needs you may have, Praia do Vau is the one that I spent most of my time: it doesn’t have a whole lot of waves and it is surrounded by cliffs! It is AMAZING and a bit dangerous but totally worth it! There are a lot of mini caves and passages in those cliffs and it just looks perfect on the white sand! The other beach, Praia da Rocha, has no cliffs, instead it has the most of Portimão’s nocturne life: all of the bars are in it and there are a lot of sunset parties that are free to enter! It also has all the waves that Praia do Vau can’t produce.


Apart from the parties and the beach that we have through the coast you can also visit the city’s center; it is a very normal city in that regard and it can be very good in case you want to break the “beach rave repeat” cycle.

This is all of it for today’s SU, hope you guys enjoyed it and I will see you next week!




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