3 youtubers with great style you should check out!

Hey! Marta here. Today I’m sharing with you guys 3 of my favorite youtubers from the beauty & fashion online community – these girls are all awesome so if you don’t know them yet and you need some style inspiration definitely go check them out. Or you can just watch their videos for entertainment if you’re a youtube lover like I am!

[links for the chanels are in the titles]

◦ Beautycrush aka Sammi ◦


Sammi films the best lookbooks! She’s really good at styling, plus she has a sweet personality so her videos have quite a relaxing vibe. Also if you enjoy watching daily vlogs you need to check out hers! I love to watch her day to day life in London (and the vlogs always feature amazing food and her dogs that are too cute).

◦ Clothesencounters aka Jenn Im ◦


Jenn is simply awesome, let’s put it that way. She’s daring and not afraid to play around with her style. She has great editing skills too and is the kind of person I could spend hours listening to. And if you’re more into lifestyle, watch her “Favorites” videos she does every month (she always recommends amazing stuff) and don’t forget her travelling vlogs.

◦ Shirley B. Eniang ◦


And last but not the least, Shirley is another youtube girl whose style I love. She’s super sophisticated but at the same time her style is simple and minimal, very clean and neutral, which I really like. And just like Sammi and Jenn, I love how soothing and chilled her videos are.

So tell me: did you follow any of these girls already? What other youtubers do you like?

Now I’m posting every week instead of every two weeks like I was before, which means I’ll see you next Monday! Lots of love x


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