Summing Up – Ideas for the geeky food lovers

Hello everyone and welcome back to another SU! Today I am feeling a bit hungry and just can’t stop thinking about food! Among my thoughts there are some ideas that I would like to show you in case you ever want to cook something for a geek friend or significan other that loves games, heroes, animes or any other cool geeky thing.

So let’s begin our amazing list with pancakes! The simple thought of eating a delicious pancake that is shaped like a pikachu is amazing and ACTUALLY eating it would amaze anyone. Pancake ”art” is very common and with a bit of training it is very much possible!

Number two on our list is also a sweet (like our third option will!) , this time a cupcake! These should require less work at making it but are equally awesome! A simple cupcake with some frosting and a simple topping that resembles a loving fictional character is all it takes! The topping should be made of any cream and some fondant sugar to make the decorations.

In third comes cakes!! Cakes and cupcakes should have the same principles at decorating, it’s not rare to see wedding cakes full of fondant sugar decorating it and it is the exact same thing that you should do when baking a geek cake.

Now for the asian food lovers we bring the decorated bento. Bento boxes are known for their decorations using salmon, rice and a lot more to make characters like Olaf from ”Frozen” and so on, this may be harder but it’s totally worth it.

This are only SOME ideas that we give you but there are a lot more foods that can be manipulated to make our favourite characters. We hope that you enjoyed this week’s SU and we will see you next time!



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