The Bookclub – September

Hello, painters, and welcome to another Bookclub post!

To start off the new school season with some excitement, we have brought you our best reads from this past month. Find some inspiration and grab a new book to kick off this september with a refreshed spirit! Nothing better than a sunny, breezy afternoon reading in a little caffe, is there?



During August, I decided to buy these two beauties that I just can’t stop admiring them – it’s The Painted Veil by Somerset Maugham and The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. These are pretty well known books since one of them has a movie and the other one won the Man Booker Price. I hope I read at least one of them during 2015! For now, I’ve been reading Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and it’s being such a big experience in terms of my reading life (this sounds so deep!), it’s a total adventure outside of my comfort zone 😉



I started reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera a month ago and I’m about a third into the book. I don’t really know why I picked this one as it’s not exactly what you’d consider a beach read, but I had it sitting in my library for ages and it has always intrigued me, so I decided to give it a go. Somehow I had this preconceived idea that it was going to be a lot more philosophical than it actually is – in reality, it’s fiction and it actually follows a plot (a romantic one by the way), which did disappoint me a little for whatever reason. I guess I was expecting it to be a bit more instrospective? But still, I quite enjoy the writing and the way the book is divided into parts with different subtitles and I definitely want to keep reading it and see how it evolves.



As of this month, I am officially done with the “Lord of The Rings” saga. It’s honestly a sad farewell, since I enjoyed the characters and their undefeatable good humor, warm heart and ever growing courage. You see an incredible amount of character development throughout the saga and that certainly makes you feel like they are truly your friends. There’s an added bonus at the end of the book: a plot that happens back in the Shire that didn’t quite make it in to the movie. If you want to know more, I suggest you get to read these heart-warming books. Whatever you hear about them, they are worth every effort!

I also delved into Orwell’s “1984”, and what I have to say is—well, it’s not even words, just a look of bewilderment on my face. Just imagine that. On a serious note, though, it’s a very heavy book (definitely not a beach read, don’t know what I was thinking!) and you need a stomach for it. But it’s worth it, because it brings a lot of important ideas into debate and it will challenge your world view and make you question your priorities. A fantastic, but very intellectual, read.

This month we have a somewhat small collection, but tell us, have you read or been wanting to read any of them? What were you monthly reads? Tell us all about them in the comments!

And as always, stay awesome!


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