New Calendar on PMY – For Good!

Hello Painters and have a nice Sunday! I wanted to talk with you guys about what’s going on in Paint Me Yellow and to explain the changes that have been occurring.

As you guys have noticed, 2015 has been a really big and interesting year to PMY – we have grown so much (and thanks to you all!) and we had to bring more authors. When we started, it was just me, Sofia and Luís. Just 3 little authors trying to create our virtual home. We wanted to bring more interesting material to you all and we brought more creative people – Luísa, Paulo, Magda and, lastly, Marta. Magda left the crew but Marta is still here and one of our news is that she will start posting every Monday. Yes, you’ve read it, Monday is now completely full!

To continue the changes, The Summing Up will now only be written by Luís – no, we haven’t argued! I just couldn’t handle the amonut of posts that was going on. Furthermore, I will now have more time to read our texts before being published and to help the other authors with images and media. This is quite a big step for me, since I’ll start taking more pictures, working more with my creative side to visualize what’s best for the post. Also, I’ll now post on Friday and Sunday – so happy with this calendar change!

Lastly, Luísa and Paulo will now post twice a week! You will see their posts on Wednesday and Saturday, so they will post as much as I do. I’m really happy and excited with these changes because this means that PMY will now have posts everyday – we will have something new appearing everyday, the blog will be so much entretaining and more active… PMY always growing, right? 😉

I hope you guys are as excited as we are for this change – we are looking forward to!



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