Summer’s dark side

Hey, lovely dear amazing painters (yes, we are being extra nice with you to get your like)!

The summer is coming to its end, in our opinion, way too fast. Since this is the last weekend of August – the most summer-ish, beachy and sunny month of them all – we are saying goodbye to summer by making a list of what are the things (we couldn’t believe either but they exist) that we don’t like about the summer!

Let’s start! Are you ready for this journey? Let’s exorcise those black summer problems.

1) The beach and its stubbornness of not leaving you by keeping sand in every single inch of your body


2) The extreme heat (and worse: taking a public transportation full of sweaty people and you feel that both you and them will melt and become one)


3) When you’re peacefully laid down on the beach and a wave comes to give you, your phone and your stuff,a hug


4) When summer ends


5) Not getting tanned


6) Not having a summer love


7) When you go out in a hot summer day and you run out of water


8) Getting sunburned


This is it guys. Even though there are eight points that make us think of the spring, we are still in love with the summer and we can’t wait to next year’s hot days.

And what about you? What do you not like about summer? And what do you like? Let us know. Do you have any piece of advice for us to overcome those 8 points? Let us know, we’ll be waiting. Until there, be you, be sassy, be getting ready for Autumn!


Luísa & Paulo


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