Summing Up – Improve yourself

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s SU! Today we will talk about a very special thing that every human is capable of doing: evolving.

We have been evolving for millions of years and now we seem to stop and it feels like there is only one way to keep going: improving ourselves mentally. We are an amazing race capable of the best things if we put our mind in it and YOU should aspire to become better than your past self. Try to tone down or completely remove your defects (I’m not saying that you should be perfect, no one will ever be perfect and you should not want to become so) – sometimes it will be simply the way you are that makes one of your loved ones angry ( being irresponsible,for example). If you try to remove this part of you that will only leave room for improvement, you will become a more responsible person that others can depend on and you will show yourself and everyone else that you are capable of changing what you need to become a better person.

Things like this aren’t easy,of course,and that’s why they feel amazing when you actually achieve these changes. However, keep in mind a few things:

1- Whatever you do, never forget who are your friends, family and reasons to have changed in the first place;

2- You need to be happy with yourself! Do not push your limits to achieve something that you will not enjoy (in the example I gave up there it’s a bit different: everyone likes to be a bit irresponsible and not have any duties but this is a good change that you should do anyway so be aware of the things that you will gain from evolving before the ”but do I really want it?” because sometimes yes, you will want them even if you don’t think so);

This was all for today, I hope that you enjoyed it and that got the energy you need to improve something on yourself in case you were thinking about it. I believe in you and you should too! See you next week!



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