Beauty: Dealing with acne

Hello, painters!

Recently, I’ve had an appointment with a new doctor – my last, not-so-caring-or-competent one retired. Sadly, I’m probably not going to stay with this new one either, but she really was great! I didn’t even had to ask her about it before she started talking to me about my slight acne.

Me a few years ago, at 16/17 ys-o.

Now, even in my worst moments, I’ve always known I didn’t have a terribly serious case of acne (I’ve seen worse cases in my family) – but I also knew I wish I didn’t have it at all. It has affected my self-esteem a bit, but it probably won’t have a lasting impact throughout the rest of my life. Still, everyone who has acne knows what a pain it can be and that it can hurt you both physically and psychologically.

So, when the doctor brought this up in the consultation, I thought “heck yes! Finally some of the advice and prescription I should have gotten years ago”. She also told me my case wasn’t very serious and that most of the scars I have right now will likely fully heal. Cheers for an uplifting diagnosis, hey? 😉

But because I know that isn’t always the case – or that maybe some of you won’t be as lucky as me to meet a great new doctor like this one – I thought I’d share some of the tips and advice she shared with me!


  1. Your daily facial routine should look like this:
    a) Washing your face, in the morning and before bed, with a good, non comedogenic, cleansing gel;
    b) Applying a prescription gel, like Epiduo, once a day (usually, before bed);
    c) Applying a different non comedogenic cream in the morning, like Bioderma’s Sébium Global (this one is specific for treating acne-prone skin).
    What I realized after starting this treatment is that I was using too many products! You only really need a few, but they should be good and specific for your problem.

  2. Never, ever, ever use facial exfoliant, even if it’s appropriate for daily use. Doctor’s words, not mine!

  3. Non comedogenic products are your new best friends. I was using store-brand products everyday (like compact powder) that could be worsening my situation. If you don’t want that to happen, but you also don’t want to break the bank with new, pharmacy-bought makeup, I suggest you look for foundation and other products at KIKO. They always have more affordable lines, and the staff just told me today that all their makeup is non comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

That was what I found out that was new to me during this appointment, being that I also started to take the pill because of the same problem (let us hope results start appearing throughout the next month!).

The rest of the advice I have is things that you already know: drink a lot of water, eat healthy (for me, chocolate is the bane of a healthy complexion – what a tragic love story!) and keep your face oil-free. Watch what goes onto your skin – it’s the largest organ you have, you need to nourish it properly!

A little warning before I let you go: the fact is, this advice was given for my case in particular, so you may have some different and more specific needs. Get to a doctor or, better yet, a good dermatologist, if you can. Your skin is also part of your health!

Stay awesome,



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