Paint Me Sunday – Getting your Digital Life Organized and Cleaned

I’m all for the concept of organizing your digital life. I have one and I bet you have it too! My digital life goes from creating folders for all my college documents to deleting embarassing pics from Facebook. I normally don’t clean it as much as I should and when holidays come I always spend a whole afternoon working on it. Here are some tips of how to do it:

a) Bless Folders

I have folders inside of folders ’cause that’s just how maniac I am (yup). Cultivate de habit of having everything in the correct place or it will be hard to work – if you organize you’ll find everything quicker! Divide into piles of subjects, projects or areas that interest you like College, Photography, Writing. This will take you a couple of hours since you’ll have to open everything and read it, just to make sure if you need it! Also, make sure every file has a good title and easy to associate to its content (no, don’t call your essay ‘dusifhnusfhi’)!

b) Get rid of useless space and Reinstall your Operating System

We all know this but how many of us actually clean our pc’s? Install a Cleaner (I use CC Cleaner) to avoid having a huge amount of cookies and browser history. CC Cleaner doesn’t take that much time and I can definitely see the difference. Another thing to keep in mind is to remove all of your computer files (backups are needed ofc!) and reinstall your operating system – this will help him to run smoothly.
c) Your Life might need some Decoration…

After finishing all the technical details, you can now start the best part from this process – make it look like it’s new! I normally change my internet search engine skin (Mozilla Firefox has some cool free skins!) and my desktop background. These are some details that don’t make a huge difference yet will make you smile.

d) Don’t Forget the Outside!

Also, don’t forget to clean your screen and keyboard with a professional cleaning kit (it’s definitely something to invest) – get rid of dust, dirt and fingerprints (and crumbs, we just don’t want to admit we eat near our computer!). While doing this, your computer should have his power down and unplug.

All of these steps will take quite a while, normally more than an afternoon so take your time and listen to some music while doing! It will make you feel like you’re doing something fun 😉




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