The last of the summer fests

Hello hello, painters!

If you’re as sad as we are because of the end of the summer, we – even though we’re not the Spice Girls – have a last summer fest to spice up your life, summer and month. AGRIVAL is here, guys! And by now you’re asking what agrival is, but don’t worry, Paint Me Yellow’s best duo – Paulo & Luisa for the record – are here to explain.

As you know, we are portuguese and we live up in the north of the country. Near Porto (the biggest city in the north of our country) there is a lovely charming city named Penafiel. In this amazing place there is a fest (the fest that we are talking in this saturday post) named Agrival, which is a many decades old event that joins in one place food, shops and a bunch of concerts. This last one that we mentioned is the main reason why we love so much this late summer festival. It only brings portuguese singers and bands, which is a clever way to thank our artists for making Portugal a much more artistic place.

If you don’t know any of this year’s “Agrival’s musical cast”, this is the perfect opportunity to get around our music. If you know them, come to watch them live. Here is this year’s singers:

  • Mickael Carreira:


  • Cuca Roseta


  • José Cid


  • Miguel Araújo


  • D.A.M.A


  • Daniela Mercury


  • Dengaz


  • Amor Electro


We hope you liked this saturday post. Stay tuned because there are Paulo & Luisa’s news coming. Until there, be you, be sassy, be in Agrival.

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