Some Bad Beauty Habits To Break

Hello Painters! We all have some really bad beauty habits that we just don’t want to admit! Here are some of mine, let’s see if I’m not the only one have these problems 😉

  1. If we’re not supposed to bite our nails… Well, we should bite the skin around them!
  2. Being to lazy to make my cleaning routine and ending up with some awkward wiping wannabe cleaning process.
  3. Leaving a pedicure for way too long!
  4. Forgetting to use a heat protectant when using hot tools on my hair.
  5. Not respecting the expiration dates from the make up products and having mascaras for years, foundations that might ruin my skin… Bah!
  6. Peeling nail polish off.
  7. Not using any lip exfoliat nor feet exfoliant and then wanting to have perfect lips and feet.
  8. Not getting enough haircuts!
  9. Washing my make up brushes once a month.
  10. Seeing facial oils as if they were the devil.
  11. Bronze eyeshadows and nude lipsticks fit everyone (so wrong!).
  12. We all need some bronzer and highlighting products
  13. Not using eye creams to prevent having really dark eye circles.
  14. Being lazy and not removing make up properly before going to bed!
  15. Thinking that booze/sugar/smoking wouldn’t affect my skin condition.

Which ones you don’t follow, girls? Admit it! 😉




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