How to stay fresh all day

Hey there little Painters, how are you? 😉 Today I brought some small tips and tricks on how to stay fresh all day. I think this is the most important beauty aspect during summer – I never start putting my make up on or so without knowing I’m actually… Clean? Yup, clean! We tend to forget that sweating, even though we’re always like that during summer, isn’t the most clean way to expel toxins. Shall we start?

11857632_811244062307397_612249552_n1) Hydrate your skin as much as you can. Your skin will be always dry because of the heat and the salt water. Try to bring on your bag the most moisturizing lotion you have, your skin will thank you!

2) There are some key body parts that need some attention, like your neck, wrists and behind your knees. Perfume them with some flowery or fruity scents, it will make your skin smell nice during the day and will avoid unpleasant scents (yup, we all have those).

3) The perfume’s best friend is the deodorant and I always carry one. Try to find some travel size ones, so they’ll help you feeling fresh during the day without occupying your entire bag!

4) Not only your skin needs pampering, your hair also needs it! Use a dry shampoo to save your greasy hair due to sweating. Also, don’t forget your serum after taking a bath and getting rid of all the salt. Sun can dry your hair and make it look like straw!

5) Also, don’t forget to drink at least 8 cups of water per day!

6) When it comes to make up, here are your allies: setting spray to make your make up last longer and if your skin starts getting oily or shiny, use translucent powder or oil-absorving sheets.

Do you have more tricks you want to share? 😉




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