Travel Log: Aveiro

Welcome to another travel log, dear painters!

Today, we are travelling to Aveiro, a city in the center of Portugal, best known for it’s Ria and the delicious “ovos moles” (“soft eggs” would be the literal translation – and a very accurate one). Typically called the Portuguese Venice because of the rich lagoon that streams through it in beautiful canals, Aveiro is an industrial city with an important seaport and a strong connection to the sea. It’s the district’s capital and is home to one of the best universities in Portugal.

The whole Aveiro experience is very quirky – the city has a very unique soul! There’s a mixture of cultures – the nautical, fishing community crosses the fluvial one, with the lagoon and its typical boats, the moliceiros. There’s also a very young and academic feel to the city, that intertwines with that more traditional feel. And all this not to mention the Art Déco richness they have going on, with a lot of its architectural beauties still very well preserved and restored!

Here are some of the first pictures I took of the city when I visited, back in 2008 (I have been there several times, since I have family there).

Aveiro in 2008

Architectural details and Street Art

Besides the beach-like vibe you get in the summer (Aveiro has one of the sweetest beaches, Praia da Barra, with its gorgeous houses), the dreamy Venice-styled canals are there year-round to remind you of how beautiful the water can be. There are very intricate churches to visit and a few historical monuments to give you your dose of culture. The gastronomy is as tasty as anywhere else in Portugal, with seafood and sweet desserts stealing the headlines. It’s just a very urban, slightly busy city without losing its touch of tradition and personality – which is quite unique!



Aveiro in 2015

So, what do you guys think of the Portuguese Venice? Ready to take a moliceiro ride through the canals already? I sure hope to have worked up your appetite – if not for travelling, at least for some good Portuguese food! 😉

Stay awesome,


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