A Late Summing Up – Travelling to Vilamoura

Hey there,painters! Sorry for this incredibly late post but we didn’t had time to do it earlier..We’re sorry! This is the first travel log made by the SU Team and I have to confess we’re rather excited to write about it. We went to Vilamoura, a town in south of Portugal where it’s always sunny and you will surely need some SPF to protect you.1

WHERE TO STAY: Vilamoura has a lot of hotels yet what we advice to you all is to stay in a house; Almost all the houses in Vilamoura are in house complex so it’s quite cosy. It works has a hotel except you have a house and more privacy. Also, you will have access to the pool’s complex and a mini bar, with more accessible prices.
WHERE TO GO – DAY: The number 1 place to go is definitely… Their beach. You have plenty of them to pick but you always have to keep in mind that you’ll need a car or so to travel – the distances are always big! The water is very clean and the sand is gorgeous. You can also go to Vilamoura’s marina, where they have a lot of cafes and ice cream shops.
WHERE TO GO – NIGHT: So Vilamoura at night was kind of a let down; we were promised a lot of discos, bars and a lively night town overall; this was not true. We don’t know if it was because of being July and not August but you have only a few options: two huge discos, one called Seven, the other called Bliss; the later however is really far away from civilization so beware if you don’t have a car/money for a taxi; the marina is also very pretty at night but all of the stores in it close really soon (we went there at 2 am and they were all closed already) so that just leave us with another option: the casino. If you like casinos then by all means go there, we are sure that it is very pretty.
So this was basically all there was to Vilamoura: it is a really pretty and HOT place where the people LOVE to exercise, go to the (very good) beach and at night go to a disco. A warning however: if you don’t have a car then you will have a bad time to get to places unless you stay in your house 24/7. This is it for our first travel log, hope you painters enjoyed it and we will see you next week!

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