Paint Me Sunday – Losing a Friend

Hey there Painters and happy Sunday to you all! Today I decided to talk about a subject that isn’t the happiest of all time – losing friends or people that are very dear to us. Unfortunately, I’ve been through some harsh days lately and it hasn’t been easy to cope with everything. I thought that the best way to get through it is to make a post where I can express myself and help you Painters in case you’re feeling blue.

1. Don’t overreact

This is something I’m still working on but basically you shouldn’t act and talk with someone when you’re already too angry with them; you’ll just end up saying things you didn’t meant to and worsen the situation.

2. Breathe. Really.

Once you’ve stopped the argument/the situation, take a deep breath and focus your anger in something – you read it,something, not someone. Paint, walk, run, cook, just step back from the bad energy you’ve recieved. You can also talk with someone you trust, listening to what others say is always important; maybe they’ll understand the situation in a different way and help you decide what do to!

3. Is it really over?

This is something I tend to ask myself after the argument – is the friendship really over? Isn’t there any space left for forgiveness and good memories? It really depends in our relationships, sometimes there is but there are times where it’s for the best. It’s all about thinking about everything and figuring out what went wrong.

4. Learn

The best way to accept the lost of a friend is to figure it out as a learning process. There are always ups and downs and losing someone dear is quite common – try to understand where were the failures on the relationship, why your personalities didn’t match… So next time you won’t repeat the mistake.

5. (Sometimes) It’s not your fault

The subject ‘fault’ always appears when this type of situation happens – we always tend to blame others for our own mistakes, specially when this happens. Someone might actually have the blame of it, depends on how grave the situation was and in that case, you just have to accept that not everyone is well intended and that we all are humans a.k.a not perfect. If you’re the one to blame, don’t blame yourself continuously – admit you’re wrong, apologize and just back off. Take your time to understand your own actions and the impact they had, learn and continue living. Everyone makes mistakes and you shouldn’t be stricken for one single slip.

Has anyone here lost someone dear? How did you cope with the situation?




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