Summing Up – The Big Yellow Ball and How Not to Die from it

Yellow Painters (nice pun huh?) welcome back to another SU! Today we will talk about ways to help YOU in the fight against the sun. Since Summer is around the corner for us here in Portugal and for a lot of the viewers, me and Ângela thought that some friendly reminders were in order.

Let’s start by the basics of skin cancer prevention (and survival in case you ever get lost in a desert island): NEVER stay out in broad daylight between 12:00 pm and 4:00ish pm, the sun is REALLY strong during this time and there is not a lot of shade either; stay at home or under that small but cool shadow of the tree that is right next to you. This will prevent that your skin takes as much UV rays and that you don’t dehydrate (as fast).

Talking about water, DO NOT forget to drink as much liquids as you can, water is preferred but anything is better than nothing!

Another way to prevent any summer problems (sorry Lana, summer sadness is not my speciality) is by:

a) Having a hat and dark shades

b) Lnowing how to use sunscreen! Here are some tips that our always lovely Angie gave to me: apply some through ALL of your body 30 mins before getting out of home and reapply every 2 hours EVEN if you go to the sea; a sunscreen of 30 SPF should be the minimum to everybody, disregarding how pale one might be; if you are straight up pale as milk then do not stick with the 30 SPF.

If you follow these tips, I can guarantee you that this is enough to have a safe summer! Hope you enjoyed this post and see you next week!


The Summing Up Team


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