DIY: Hiding box for your cable mess

Hello, painters, and welcome to another Tuesday post by yours truly.

This time, we’re going to take a look at my latest DIY project – a box used to hide all the cables and wires going from my desk to the power extension. They’re mostly from the devices you can see in the picture: printer, telephone, internet router and laptop. Look at the mess I was dealing with!

cable and wire box 005

I looked around on Pinterest and found some really cute pins of other boxes used to hide these eyesores, so I decided to give it a go. I left the extension out of the box because I was afraid of it overheating, but I’ve also read that only the big batteries overheat, and not the extension itself, so who knows? Pick up the closest shoe box and do it your own way! 😉

Here’s what I used for materials: a shoe box, scissors and an x-acto knife, some string for tying up the cords, and masking tape for the box itself.

I started by figuring the layout I needed for the wires going in and out of the box and the size the hole had to be for each one. I marked them on the box, as you can see in the pictures.

Then came the hard part, which was figuring out how to cut them in such a way that the wires and the plugs could actually pass through the holes, but the box itself wasn’t looking even worse than the cable mess up there! I ended up deciding that the best thing was to not cut the entire hole out of the box, but to cut an “X” across the markings I had made, so that the plug and wire could still go through it, yet the flaps could go up and “close” the hole – and the box would look barely altered!

After the holes being cut, I just got down on the floor again and started passing the cables through. I took special care to roll up only the excess wire – and to leave enough of it so it could reach both the device and the power extension. I tied the cable bundles with the string I showed you earlier and then put the lid on it. Alas, it was done!

The advantage of this little trick is that – besides looking a whole lot better than a bunch of messy wires – it makes cleaning far easier, because you only have to lift the box itself to sweep the floors and, in the box, the wires are mostly safe from dust and dirt. Check for spiders once in a while, though 😉

Take a peek at my final product!

Hoping to have helped your cable situation, ’till next time!

Stay awesome,



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