Summer haul – What I bought recently

Hello! Today I’m going to share with you a few clothing pieces I’ve bought in the last couple months. I really enjoy seeing other people’s purchases so why not share mine too – also I just realized every item cost me under 20 euros, which is pretty great if you ask me (I love a good bargain!)

Let’s start off with some tops. I got these 2 cropped ones because like I said on my last post I absolutely love this style of top for the summer. The blue one is from Primark [6€] and it’s textured and more fitted. The pale pink one is from Zara [~15€] and I’m in love with the color!

I got so so excited (for real) when I found this Yeezus top on Primark – it’s actually legit Kanye West’s merch and it only cost me 10€ or something, which is such a great price considering that these things can be ridiculously expensive online. The white top is a classic piece, super flowy and slightly asymmetrical, from Pull&Bear [~5€].

These 2 are quite boring BUT I really like basics so I had to include them. If you’re looking for some I think H&M is the way to go, they always have a basics section and it tends to be cheap (these were each under 5€) and nice quality.

This cover-up/cardigan thing is from Primark [~12€] and I love the paisley print. It has 3/4 length sleeves and fringe at the bottom, it’s really one of a kind (if you can even say that about something from Primark?!). The army green cardigan on the right is from Lefties [9,99€] and sure, it’s not very summer-y, but it had a great discount and I’m sure it will come in handy as a layering piece for the upcoming Fall.

Love this little dress from Primark [~12€]. I tend to prefer plain stuff with no pattern but I’m obsessed with this one. And the black loose pants from Stradivarius [~19€] too! As the skinny jeans fanatic that I am I think it’s nice to switch things up a bit.

And we couldn’t end without swimsuits am I right. Truth be told I’m not the biggest fan of beachwear (the eternal question: why are bikinis, that are in reality such small pieces of fabric, so expensive?!?) but I was in need of new stuff so I picked up these. They’re either from Oysho or Women’s Secret.

I’d love to know which item was your favorite or what you bought recently!

Have a great day!

XO, Marta


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