Some Colour to your Nails – Summer Nail Polishes!

Hello everyone, how are you doing? I hope every single one of our Painters is as happy as I am – on Tuesday I’ll go south of Portugal, Algarve. I’m super excited to meet my closest family once again, to hug everyone and also to party with my friends (we all deserve some rest). I’m also ready to get extremely tanned and to buy another foundation that matches my skin tone – when that happens, it’s a good sign. 😉 For now, I decided to bring my summer nail polishes, the one’s that I have been using most frequently. Shall we start?

The Mermaid Blue – I completely love nail polishes that are rather metallic but with a shine into it and this mermaid blue is a great example of how gorgeous it is. This polish is from Sephora and it’s in the shade 62. Also, the packing is small which is great for travelling!

The True White – This is the first time that I actually have a white nail polish; I have always felt that white is a tricky colours, since you have to apply more coats than the other colours. Yet, I finally decided that I needed one and I absolutely love it – it makes your hands more tanned and summer-ish.This shade is 204 from Kiko and I usually apply 3 coats.


The Hotest Pink – Yes, I did it, I’m talking about hot pink. This is such a controversial colour (this is sounding like politics) that can go from love to hate. My shade is 83 Pink Bikini from Maybelline and I don’t like it that much on my hands yet on my feet it looks so gorgeous! It gives that colour our boring feet need.

Bring the Pastel – Another nail polish from Kiko (I can’t be the only one loving this brand), this shade is a baby blue with some lavander in it and it’s so delicate and perfect for a day outside of town. This is 339 and it’s definitely worth checking it out!

…Paint Me Yellow! – Yes, I’m that cheesy, I picked a yellow shade for this post! This one is from a brazilian brand called Risqué which is pretty famous in Portugal since their formula is great. A yellow colour never goes wrong during summer and I use it quite a lot since it doesn’t look that appropriate to have yellow nails during December.

Don’t forget it, Painters – colour your nails! They’ll certainly enjoy being so pretty 😉




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