The News in 3 Lines or so #3

Hello everyone and welcome to another The News in 3 Lines or so! I have to admit I’ve missed writing here about politics and all that – it’s something I truly enjoy yet I don’t watch as frequently as a should, specially during summer. Knowing that I have to write about what’s going on in the international community makes me pay more attention to it. It’s something that should matter to everyone!

I) The Greeks have finally decided that they do need Europe’s help and that there’s no way denying it. They accepted the requirements that the european union has made and are now working to get a move on the end of their crisis. The truth is, their image towards the international community is terrible due to the time they have taken to decide and to discuss measures.

II) The nominations for the Emmy’s are here and we have Game of Thrones leading the run, also with House of Cards, American Horror Story, Better Call Saul and Orange is the New Black. Let’s wait and see who’s going to win! 😉

III)While the Europe fought for many years for the end of Berlin Wall, Hungary is building a wall all through Serbia’s border to stop illegal immigrants. Where is solidarity?

IV) I think no one understands what’s going on in FIFA but I think it’s time to find a true president, that’s not corrupt and that knows everything from sports, so they can serve the culture correctly.

V) Since 2015 has started, 50 child soldiers have already died in Syria’s war. The most alarming number is the one that represents the number of children that have been recruted – 1100. 1100 children are now fighting and dying in the middle of a war.

What do you Painters think about these news? Have you read any of these before?


The Summing Up Team

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