Recent Beauty Purchases

You know what I like? Buying beauty products, more than clothing (less than books though). Make up is normally more complicated to me (not all eyeshadow colours match my eyes, oily skin, lots of concealer…) yet beauty is quite fun to me. I really like to test the products and to see if they actually work! I went to Primark a few days ago and decided to give it a go to their beauty products, despite my distrust. Overall, I found the products quite good regarding their quality-price! They were all under 5€ and I wasn’t thinking that they would have such good results.

20150718_111844Facial Cleaning Brush (2,5€) – This brush has definitely changed the way I wash my face. I can spread the product better with it than with my hands or make-up remover discs. I can use it with pretty much every products except lotions and toners – exfolianting and soaps work just fine, you just need to wash the bristles after using it. The pink side is the massage one, which makes your face muscles relax 😉

20150718_111900P.s…Love Your Skin – 8Hour Hydrating Face Cream (2,5€) – I was so ceptical about this product that I was rather ashamed that I bought it. Face creams from Primark? Seemed very silly YET this is actually a good hydrating cream. It smells like yoghurt (a plus right here) and the formula is quite nourishing. I’m not sure that it stays for so long and it can be quite too much for daily wear so I’ve been using as a night cream. I guess I can’t ask for much better for 2,5€!

20150718_111918P.s. Love Natural – Coconut Oil (2€) – I was needing a body oil to apply after doing depilation and I really didn’t knew where to start. When I found this product, I decided to give it a go – I mean, it was extremely cheap, if it didn’t work like I wanted to it wouldn’t be a huge waste of money. After trying this, I’ll probably buy another! The scent is so good (cheers to coconut!) and it works perfectly with your skin dry or wet. I find this perfectly useful and with enough quality to fit the needs of my skin.

20150718_111930P.s…Love Your Feet – Peppermint Softening Foot Scrub (2€) – Let’s say that finding a foot scrub isn’t the most easy task in the world! I don’t find it quite often and it was something I wanted to invest for quite a while. This one does make your feet feel incredibly soft and without dead skin. The only con that I find in this product is the peppermint effect that it should have. Well… It doesn’t. My feet don’t feel refreshed after using it, just cleaner and softer and that’s something that I enjoy, specially after a tiring day. Still, it’s a good product since it only costs 2€!

20150718_111938P.s…Love this – Cleansing Hand Gel (1,5€ Twin Pack) – Don’t have that much to say about this product (it’s a cleansing gel, yay) except that it doesn’t smell like hospitals, like most of the cleansing gels. Yup, that’s right, doesn’t smell like a hospital!

20150718_111948P.s. Love This – Make-up Brush Cleaner (2,5€) – The smell is so good, it doesn’t smell like something artificial (you feeling me?). Also, it’s very simple to use – you have have to spray on your brushes bristles and to clean them with some tissues. It worked with all my brushes, who knew my blush brush was so dirty! Wish they sold this product in bigger bottles.

And this is all for today! What do you think about these Primark products? Have you used any of these or are you quite ceptical about it?




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