Made in Portugal

Hi painters!

When we think about growing up in the amazing country that is Portugal, the first thing that comes to our head is food. We had the lucky to be born in a place in the world with such a diverse and rich gastronomy, so we want to share with you some of the dishes that make us happy just by looking at them.

“À beira mar plantado”, Portugal is a gift that was given to us, Portuguese people. Whether you eat amazing seafood by the sea, looking to the breath taking ocean views that our restaurants and esplanadas have to offer, or eat the most incredible petiscos in the world in a tasca, we want to show you the real Portuguese food that the Portuguese families eat in their homes.

We are going to show you what we eat, what we like to eat, our favourite dishes and not the cliches. This is Portugal in a plante. Warning: this is not a diet friendly post. No belly or stomach were hurt or stayed empty during the process of making this post.

In this ode to Portugal and its national food, we chose the dishes that we just can’t resist. So get your senses ready to this journey full of flavor, tradition and good things. This is happiness on a spoon.

1) Every single recipe that involves cod fish is a win situation. We eat it dry, not fresh, but whether it is Zé do Pipo, with cream, Gomes de Sá, baked, boiled, grilled, raw with olive oil and onions or Brás, we just can’t stop eating it.


2) We are also completely fans of octopus: Lagareiro, in fillet, breaded, in a rice or as salad


3) Caldo verde: the most incredible soap in the entire world.


4) Broa: a beautiful Portuguese bread to be eaten with everything, like caldo verde and sardines.


5) Sardines: the fish that Portuguese people most eat. We consume it grilled all year but by the santos populares fests this delicious fish has it consumption climax.


6) Sausages: just try our sausages, please, there’s no word to describe its wonders. Salpicão, alheira, chouriço, linguiça, farinheira, morcela, please try them.


We hope you liked our food. We loved to share this with you.

And what about your country? What are the traditional food that you like to eat? If you’re Portuguese, do you like this dishes? What are the ones you most like?

Be happy and be sassy! Be you, but eat well! Btw, most of this dishes are not very healthy, but we promise to do a detox post with low calories and light dishes, but first allow yourself to have the pleasure of trying this epic food. Justice to the food of the world, we say. No more pre made and frozen pizza!

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