Summing Up – Appreciate the ones who are close to us

Hello painters, welcome back to another Summing Up! Today we don’t want to talk about anything but instead write down something very important to everybody, either viewer or author of this blog and of course the rest of the world.

We all have people that are important to us, our family, friends, pets. All these people have as a ”duty” to protect us, help us and cheer us up when we’re sad (we of course have the same duty towards them) but sometimes fate likes to make our lives more difficult and without a doubt that eventually we won’t have the time for these people; either because of work or any other reason. The point that we want to make is that you NEED these people, they are your social field and a human that does not socialize is a unhealthy human, and do you want to be unhealthy? No of course not, you eat salads and do exercise all day to be healthy, why would you want to become unhealthy just because of this?

Remember that these people also need you so try to make some time for them, go take a walk with them, have a nice dinner with your entire family, there are a lot of things you can do to make your relationship healthier and happier because anything lasts forever and you should enjoy all that you have right now.

Also, friendships die, people change: ”oh that guy is not the same as before? Well talk about it with them, know his reasons, who knows you may help him.” this is what I say whenever a friend asks me for some advice, and personally I think it’s correct; however remember that a relationship of ANY kind can exist with only one friend and ”that guy”; as I say up there of this wall of text: everything ”dies” that’s why it’s important to enjoy it to the fullest and TO NOT BEAT YOURSELF OVER IT when said thing dies, it’s natural and sometimes it’s not even your our anyone’s fault.

We hope that you enjoyed today’s SU, leave your opinion is the comments please and we will se you next week! ❤


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