Notes of the Week #4

i) Changes in Paint Me Yellow are officially over! We now have this great theme that gives us everything we wanted, all the pages are clear.. it’s such a huge difference for us. There’s only a page missing, the About one, in which we are working!

ii) Cleaning your pc is as important as cleaning your desk. Nowadays we do pretty much everything there and you need to have an organized place so you can work better and feel more at ease.

iii) Dare to do something you don’t know how to or you haven’t done in a while. I’ve been painting Mandalas, since I missed painting so much and they’re so gorgeous. It’s also a good way to distract myself and to rest my eyes from the computer.

iv) Don’t exaggerate on your make up – your skin is sweating so much and that’s healthy! Don’t forget that

v) Please don’t give me spoilers about Game of Thrones.

And that is all for this week! I hope you Painters are having a lovely week,


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