My 6 favorite Summer trends

Hey everyone!

Summer’s here so I thought my first post should be about my favorite trends for the season. Obviously you don’t need to follow any of these (or any trend at all) if that’s not your thing. After all, wear what you like! But I think it’s also great to get inspiration from people around you, things you see, magazines, celebrities, the internet (the sources are endless nowadays!) so with that in mind here are my 6 favorite trends for summer 2015:

1. 2.

1. Denim is a classic. From the basic denim shorts everyone owns to the trendy boyfriend jeans (that you can easily find pretty much in every store), denim is in full force. Also good news if you’re a 90s lover: denim skirts seem to be back!

2. Another classic that’s making a statement right now – white! White clothes, bikinis, nails, and even the white head-to-toe look. Perfect for when it’s super hot and of course, it brings out the tan and makes you look extra sunkissed, so that’s a plus.

3. 4.

3. Off the shoulder tops and dresses are everywhere and they totally remind me of the tops I used to wear as a kid. There’s a lot of 70s inspiration out there too: lots of fringes and bell sleeves as you can see above.

4. Not gonna lie, this one can be either a hit or a miss. A lot of people hate them, but personally I love Birkenstocks! They’re comfy and come in a huge variety of colors, patterns and styles (like floral or even holographic, flat or with a platform). You can get them for really cheap in places like H&M and Primark or you can invest in the real ones if you want.

5. 6.

5. Cropped tops aren’t new but they’re here to stay. You can literally wear them all the time: with shorts for a casual outfit or dress them up with a midi skirt for night time. Either way, I don’t think you have to have a certain body type to pull them off… style them right and be confident and you’ll look great. My tip is quite the obvious one: pair them with high waisted stuff!

6. And finally, rompers. They’re nice and breezy for the summer and absolutely great if you’re feeling lazy – one piece and that’s it, you’ve got your outfit sorted! They’re such awesome alternatives to dresses too. And as you can see above, there are both casual and dressed up options to choose from.

That’s all for me today. I’d love to know which one is your fave and what other trends you love!

XO, Marta


4 thoughts on “My 6 favorite Summer trends

  1. AhhH! Its freezing cold in Melbourne and I am sooooo looking forward to the summer nights 🙂 Loved the collection! My favorite is denim and white…with a turquoise accessory thrown into the mix 🙂


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