A 3 Minute Appetizer – turkey steaks and mushrooms

20150606_131816 Hello everyone and welcome to another post here on Paint Me Yellow! A few days ago I made this recipe and decided to share with you guys – it can be done as part of the main course as well, I just prefered to do it as an appetizer.

2 people recipe:

*1 turkey steak;

*half of a regular mushrooms can;

*olive oil and oregano.

-For this recipe, you just need to cut the steak in small stripes;

-Then, just put some salt and start frying the stripes with olive oil while washing the mushrooms you want to add.

-The mushrooms only need to be fried for about 1minute so take your time with the steak and flavour the mushrooms with oregano.

And that’s it, guys! It’s really simple, it doesn’t have that many steps and it can make your meal look more classy and formal with an appetizer – no one has to know how you do it! 😉


Have a great Sunday, Painters!




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