What TY wears… #2

Hey painters!

Let’s go fashion!! This time it was us – Paulo and Luísa – the ones in charge with the What Team Yellow Wears post! So, the team got together! We went to Sé do Porto and with the Oporto city and the Douro river for background we took some stylished photos. This fashion looks that you are going to see are the way we dress in a daily bases. This is the way we feel confortable and trendy. This is the way we see fashion in a “day time going out with friends”.

Fashion is the way how you express yourself to the world around and as a team we are as diverse as it can be. So we tend to have different styles and different perspectives towards fashion. But there is always something in common: the smile. So, still within Paulo and Luisa’s summer series here it is celebration of the summer, of fashion, of the definition of what is a team and a ode to the smile.









We hope you like and if not, let us know by commenting below because we want to improve and maybe your tips just hit the “need to change” spots. Take care and be sassy, fun and Yellow. Be you!


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