Summing Up – 20 Ideas for Holidays

Hello painters! Me and Ângela are FINALLY on vacations, no more exams, no more college work, only fun fun FUN! But because we have more or less 3 months to enjoy we decided to make a list of stuff that we want to do! Shall we begin?

-Start a sewing project

-Draw & Paint.

-Also, why not try to do some ceramics?

-Go to some museums and shows in your town

-Beach and pool are always good ideas

-Watch some of ours favourite youtuber’s videos

-Learn some editing photo programs -Learn the art of handwriting

-Dance, doesn’t even matter what genre

-Pamper yourself

-Try new fresh and yummy juices and ice creams

-Learn how to use a music producing program

-Explore the city’s corners that I don’t know about

-Travel through some nearby cities

-Make a friendly bowling tournament with friends

-(hardly possible) Learn how to work with leather

-Learn a bit of ceramics

-Try to learn enough about painting and drawing to make myself a new picture for the wall

-Catch up with Game of Thrones despite all of the spoilers…

-Make a game night party with friends and ruin our friendships while playing Risk and Monopoly

-Learn more about Dungeons and Dragons because for some reason I really want to learn it

These are only a feeeeeew of our ambitions to this summer, however if we accomplish all of these then we can say “Wow this summer was really supah dupah productive!” (we won’t say the supah dupah part for sure) anyway we hope that you enjoyed this post and leave in the comments some of your plans too! We are always interested in our viewers! ❤


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