Yin and Yang: two different makeup looks to try

Hey painters!

Today, I thought I’d show you two different makeup looks I wore on my nights out lately. I chose to call them “Yin” and “Yang”, because I think, although they are both night looks, they are quite different and complementary to each other. Where one is soft and colorful, the other is bold and more daring – and that’s why I thought of them as opposites. Let’s go?

The Yin

These pictures aren’t from the night itself, I had to retake them, because the originals were blurry. So don’t mind the outfits!

This one I wore to a birthday dinner, and I didn’t want to stand out a lot, although I did want to bring some color into my outfit (I wore the same outfit on both occasions because I’m just that lazy). So I went with a softer eye and a brighter lip!

I started by moisturizing my face (that’s step 1 in everything single makeup look you do!) and then putting on primer (in my case, BB cream) and my cream foundation. Afterwards, I used the concealer to cover up some worse spots and my dark circles – which never leave me, no matter how many hours of sleep I’ve had! Finally, I put on powder foundation, just to set everything in place and have a more matte finish.


Now on to the real thing! Again, I chose something very simple: just a little golden eye shadow across the upper lid and white shadow on the inner corner of the eye, mascara to make my eyelashes stand out and a nice rich shade of pink blush on the cheeks. But the real important feature of this look was my pink lipstick – it worked wonderfully with my pastel peach top and turquoise necklace. Colorful all the way!

The Yang


The second look was meant for a night out on the town with Angie! It was a popular saint’s celebration here in Póvoa – São Pedro – so everyone goes out and celebrates it on the streets. Since we were going to be in dark places most of the night, I thought I would go for something more daring.

I started out as above, with the moisturizer, BB cream, concealer, foundation products and pink blush, but then changed up the eye. I chose mostly a blue eyeshadow and then added a bit of green as well, more on the inner corner of the eye – you know, to go with the necklace 😉 Next, I used my Kiko liquid eyeliner to draw a small wing on the outer corner of both eyes. And that was pretty much the final part, because as Angie can tell you, I had a lot of trouble getting the second wing right! I don’t think I even put on any lipstick, just a little lip balm and was good to go.

Makeup Products

Here’s a better look at the products I used, including the foundation ones, and my H&M makeup brush:

So are you feeling more Yin or Yang? Which look did you like best? What do you think of the products I used? Share it with us in the comment section!

Stay awesome


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