Paint Me Sunday – Getting back to rhythm after taking time off


Happy Sunday painters, how are you doing? Today I brought a Paint me Sunday because I truly felt the need to talk with you guys and share some information. As I’ve said on last Summing Up post, this week I went to the hospital and it was really stressful. Furthermore, I had to repeat some uni exams and it’s terrible  – trying to give your best yet not succeeding at all because your body doesn’t allow you. So the first thing you have to do is – know your body. Know when to stop or continue and don’t affect your health.

1. Start Slow: Don’t go all super hero mode and over exceed. Take various steps and tasks, prioritise, use tons of stickers and divide the information into different piles. What do you need to do now? And tomorrow? What takes you more time? And less?

2. Avoid being Overwhelmed: This happens to me quite often and I do need to take a step back. If you’re getting back to rhythm, you need to take your time digesting all the information – that being said, don’t feel pressured an take your time.

3.List everything: Lists are girl’s best friend (not diamonds anymore, nope).

4.Time to breathe: After work, rest and to what suits you best – pampering, reading, watching favourite series… Everything is valid. What matters is to not feel tired. If you feel tired right on the first day, it will be hard to keep up the pace on the following days. Gradually take time from your break and add it to your work schedule – what matters is to do it gradually.

5. Find your motivation: Lastly, you won’t be able to do anything with a certain quality if you don’t feel motivated by what you’re doing. Decided what keeps you going (money? friends that work with you? truly enjoying your work?) and hold yourself!

I hope you guys enjoy these advices and have a great day 😉




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