The Bookclub – July

Hello, painters!

Paulo and Luísa bring you this month’s Bookclub post. And what is the best way to start the weekend? With books, of course.

So this month we have great books as usual. Let us know if you have already read any of them.



Remember how Sofia hasn’t stopped talking about Lord of the Rings this year? Well, she finally read Fellowship of the Ring! I know, I know, about time, huh? Only took me three months… Oops! Tolkien definitely has a very well-crafted writing style, but it’s so full of detail and descriptive that it takes a while to get used to. And I wasn’t reading it in my mother tongue, which doesn’t exactly help to speed the reading along.
That said, I have to admit I loved the book and by the end, I couldn’t put it down! The characters are all interesting and you will probably get attached to some of them. And the whole medieval-magical-adventurous environment going on is such a nice place to retreat to – it felt a bit like a much needed refuge from exam season. The story is, as I suspected, really compelling and I’m excited to finally be getting the “original” version (and not the movie one nor the Portuguese translation one either). I can’t stop thinking about beginning The Two Towers! One more week and no one will be able to separate me from Tolkien ever again 😉



My latest reading was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I think everyone knows what this story is about since it has already a film (how haven’t I watched it yet?). Either way, in case you don’t know – it’s about a married couple that is having a really bad phase in their life and to get things worse, Amy (aka the wife/totally crazy woman) disappears and it seems like Nick (aka the husband/very impatient and not so respectable person) is the main suspect of kidnapping and killing. I gave this book 5/5 since it was absolutely insane. The plot makes us feel like we don’t know anyone at all and we start questioning who are we and what are we capable of for love. The writing is brilliant, I was mesmerized by the book’s structure. Worth checking it out!



A brilliant book by the brilliant author that is J.K.Rowling. “The Casual Vacancy” is completely different from her previous work (are there any Harry Potter fans around here?). Although at the beginning I was kind of shocked by her writing in this book (again, because I was used to her writing in Harry Potter) I have to say that J.KRowling has done it again! What a book! It’s about a political battle in a small town called Pagford. That’s the main plot, but the book has so much more to offer: all the social problems you can imagine are in this book: domestic violence, drugs, a neighbourhood with all sorts of problematic people… so, as you can see, this book talks about everything! Though sometimes I thought that she was exaggerating with the problems her characters had (I mean, life isn’t always full of problems) I recommend this book to you guys, especially if you like books when the following words come out of your mouth while reading it: “What the hell just happened? I can’t believe this just happened!”



The book I chose to share on my first Bookclub post here is called “The Collected Works of Oscar Wilde”. I got it ages ago; it caught my eye because it’s huge and I was able to get it for pretty cheap. I’ve always been fascinated by Oscar Wilde and this book’s actually great as it includes all of his work – stories, poems and plays. Truth is I haven’t read a lot yet (I 100% blame Uni for my lack of time and motivation) but I’ve began with the first story there, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, which was the one I was looking forward to read the most (along with “The Happy Prince”). Hopefully from now on, since it’s summer, I’ll have the time to allow myself to truly dive into this book, I’m really enjoying it so far and can’t wait to read more.



The book i chose for this month’s Bookclub was ”Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami. I asked Ângela for this book since it is one of her favourite authors and I can see why, his way of writing is fantastic and it pushes us to the middle of the action like we really were a character of the story; I haven’t finished it yet so I can’t give it a full review but for now (I read half of it) I must say that it is a solid 4 out of 5!

Paulo & Luísa


“O Nome da Rosa” is a thriller, drama, suspense book, whose plot sets in a mysterious secluded monastery. It’s written by the well know and highly claimed Humberto Eco. We wanted to read this book for years but we just couldn’t find it, either online or on paper. And now that the best of the friends in the entire world gave it to us, we just can’t wait to read it. So, we introduce you our summer readings.

Have a nice weekend!


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