A Late Summing Up – 8 albums to listen

Hey everyone and welcome to a new post of Summing Up! Today I’ll be doing the introduction (yes,this is angie) since I haven’t posted anything yesterday. Unfortunately, I fell really sick and have 0% of capacity and courage to the my sofa and to write. Either way, I’m now feeling a like bit better and capable of writing! Shall we talk about music?

Electra Heart, Marina and the Diamonds – Although this is quite a strong album, this is the one I pick when I feel like I need some understanding. The idea behind this master piece is quite interesting (Electra Heart is kind-of-Marina’s-alter-ego) and Marina produced all the songs. Worth checking it!

Lana del Rey, Born to Die – Paradise Edition – I usually listen to this album at night – the melody and the feelings transmited by the songs are so bohemiam and seductive. Lana has the best voice we could ask for after a tiring day!4

Body Music, AlunaGeorge – This duo is so incredible I can’t even describe it to you,painters. They are extremely talented and they bring such a great vibe! Their music can be described as synthpop, electronica and contemporary R&B.

Parachutes, Coldplay – I’m not the biggest fan of Coldplay right now but their first album is a bliss. Each track is somehow connected to the next one, as if it’s a huge and harmonious song. Coldplay’s roots are amazing!
Queen of the Clouds, Tove Lo – This girl is my newest love. I’m still getting into her style but she’s definitely worth listening to. Her songs are very catchy and explicit but they bring a rather profound meaning. Also, they can be kind of sexual yet not dirty? You guys should listen and see if you agree!
 Evolution, the 5th album by MonsterCat-  it was the first album I heard from them back when I was a hardcore electronic….listener…thing. It still has some of the best musics in all of the albums they produced.
Monkey Business, The Black Eyed Peas – Yes this is real, The (old) Black Eyed Peas are a blast and always will, never forget the good times and all the kids sang My Humps without knowing the atrocities we were saying.
End is where we begin, Thousand Foot Krutch – One of the first albums I heard that were full metal. I still listen to some songs of this album when I’m about to play some super serious game and it still gets me pumped everytime!
What do you guys think about these albums? Have you ever heard any of these artists? 😉
The Summing Up Team

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