Some Beauty Bits… Summer Make Up à la Carte

Happy sunday, painters! As Luísa and Paulo made a post about Summer Beauty Essentials, I decided to make a small post regarding make up. Make up is definitely my beach (terrible pun, I know) and I’ve been buying some products for this season. I still haven’t bought everything that I want but some changes have been made!

I’ve been currently using an eyeshadow from Douglas, a german brand and this eyeshadow’s called Blush Me 21. I recommend you guys to check the website, since it’s like a german Sephora (quite awesome!) and they have good quality products. This eyeshadow is a pure bright orange with some pink in it. It’s great if you want to keep your make up easy to apply – this eyeshadow will make the whole look, you won’t even need a bright lipstick. Furthermore,it’s a very summer tone which I enjoy.

To continue with my eye routine, I’ve been using more The Max Volume Flash by Rimmel.  This isn’t the perfect mascara for going to the beach but it’s the one if you want to use an eyeshadow like the one I said above. Although it’s waterproof… You can’t even imagine how big your lashes become. I’ve been using 003 Ultra Black and my eyes instantly pop. When I think of summer, I think of big and bright eyes and so I think it’s all about this great volumize products.

Moving on to face products – I still haven’t bought my juicy and moisturizing foundation but I’ve worked my way to bronzer. I’ bought the Sleek Bronze Block in the shade 100 Light. This is absolutely gorgeous since it gives medium coverage – we don’t want to look all tacky in the Summer. You have 3 shades to give a nice bronze and to contour and you also have a bright sparkly pink go work as a highlighter. I usually use the 4 of them together and work them on my cheekbones, since I don’t want to look very formal. It’s a great product if you want to give some dimension to your face without exaggerating.

Lastly, what to use on your lips? I brought a lip balm and a lipstick. For my lips I’m using Mabelline Baby Lips in the shade Peach Kiss. I was going to give away this lip balm because I bought during Winter and I absolutely hated it! It doesn’t have much colour (it works more as a nude tone) and it didn’t hydrate as much as I needed during Winter. Yet, since the Summer has arrived, I’ve started to use it again and now it has been my best friend. It’s so great since my lips aren’t chapped and they don’t need so much. Furthmore, since it’s nude, it gives a fresh colour, ready to go to the pool! If you want to have some colour in your lips, I recommend Kiko Smart Lipstick – I have the shade 912 Crimson Red, a very bright pink with some red in it. I’ve been also craving 904 Strawberry Pink 😉

I hope you guys enjoy this post AND Summer! Comment down below if you use any of these products and what do you think about them!




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