Disney princesses kicking ass since…

Hey painters!

Today, I bring you part deux of the Disney series: princesses! More precisely, the princess revolution: that phenomenon that pretty much says that princesses don’t need a guy to save them, they can save themselves.

Well, when I started writing this post, I thought it was going to be easy: I mean, everyone kind of agrees that Anna and Elsa started the princess revolution (although, personally, I always thought it was Merida), but the truth is more complex: it started way before them!

Yes, Snow White married a guy she had just met and both Aurora and Cinderella kind of only shared one dance with their prince (actually, in the new Cinderella movie she talks to the prince before the royal ball – I liked this little twist) and Ariel gave up her talent for a boy (yep, this one has to be the worst), BUT: what about Belle? She was an independent woman… remember why she met Beast in the first place? Because she wanted to save her dad! Jasmine? She wanted to be a good ruler without having to get married! Pocahontas? She wanted to save her tribe! Mulan? Eh, well this one just joined the Chinese army to save her dad and eventually saved China! Tiana? Her dream was to be a business woman! Rapunzel? Yeah, Flynn Rider may be really cool (and has the best smoulder I ever saw) but you know that Rapunzel rocked that frying pan!

But I know why people don’t count these ones as brave and independent: because of the true love thing. But then again, Anna is also living her happily ever after with Kristoff and people still think that Frozen is the movie that changed the role of princesses. And I get why: I mean, the true love gesture was between sisters and not a couple. Yeah, I know that that’s a big deal. I thought it was Merida: she doesn’t even has a love interest in the whole movie and she’s independent and fierce. So, just like many of you, I didn’t count the old Disney princesses as strong. But you know what? Disney princesses have been kicking ass for a long time and they shouldn’t be judged only because they found true love while they did it.

And… because I really like you guys, here comes the smoulder:


Have an amazing day!



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