The Art of Cooking – Shakshuka Pizza


Hey there painters! Me and Luís made pizza a while ago and decided to bring you our recipe from the Shakshuka Pizza. We saw this pizza on the internet but we have no idea which site. What it really matters on this pizza is the egg. You need to have a goddamn egg in the middle of the pizza. Without further delay, let’s start!


Ingredients – for 3 individual pizzas:

*olive oil, garlic, salt, cumin, black pepper;

*tomatoes (we used 4), eggs (1for each base), parsley, onions;

*some pizza bases (you can make your own one, we didn’t) and mozzarella cheese.



*Pre-heat the oven – 250º;

*Heat the olive oil (2 teaspoons) with onion for 3min, aprox.;

*add galic, cumin, salt and black pepper – you need to pick the amount of it depending of your taste – let it cook for 2 min, aprox ;

*You need to pick how you want to cook your tomatoes – we used 4 tomatoes, 2 for the tomato sauce and others we sliced in little cubes. Add all the tomatoes to the rest of the ingredients and let it cook for 2min, aprox;

*Stir everything together and spread it on your pizza bases. Then, crack a egg in the middle of the pizza and decorate (it really felt like a decoration) with parsley;

*The pizzas will need to be on the oven for about 7-10minutes. You’ll know they’re ready when the egg’s pretty yellow and yummy!

*Last step – enjoy it!


I hope all of our painters enjoy this recipe and try it! It’s really easy to make and super healthy, considering it only has vegetables and an egg (the egg is the best part). Also, it’s really easy and quick to do it.

Love you all and see you soon!




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