How to Get the Perfect Shot

Hey painters! Today, I’d like to talk a bit about photography, how’s that?


Now, I’m not the most qualified person to talk about this… My photos aren’t that spectacular! But I’ve still picked up some hints about this beautiful art along the way and I thought you guys might like it!

Cameras, Light… and more Light!


This is an easy one, but you’ll really notice the difference in your pictures if you just light up the room by opening a window or going into a brighter room! Or, you know… outside in general! You should also be careful about back light – meaning, light shining from behind the object you are photographing, against your lens. This can work really well (the photo above should be an example), but it can also look terrible, specially for portraits, in which the person’s face should be standing – not the bright, glorious light coming from behind it!

Sum up: Everything looks better with better lighting 😉

From a different Point of View…


Framing is also very, very important! For example, you could photograph a beautiful vintage chair in the traditional way: from where you’re standing, slightly upward from it. But you could also shoot it from above, below or from the back; you could shoot it framed in a corner, by a window, or in the middle of the room; you could shoot it all by itself or from a door archway… The choices are endless, and yet your final choice will say a lot about your perspective on things and what you have to say about them. So get creative!

To paint life in Bright Colors!


Yes, that’s right, I just mentioned the blog’s new slogan. What you gonna do about it? Probably not much, because it’s such a cute slogan, am I right? 😉 And really true when it comes to photography as well. You see, bland, neutral photos aren’t going to stand out as much as colorful ones. Sure, they can be a very artistic choice – and they could be more of your style – but they require, in my opinion, more experience to be able to make them more appealing. Natural, bright colors add a layer of richness, interest and appeal all of its own. I suggest you start out with colorful shots and then work your way towards whatever makes you happier!


A few extra ones…

– You can work with blurred and focused objects within the same photo, the effect is really nice!

– Try to photograph both really wide landscapes and small details. Photography-flexibility, that’s what I’m talking about 😉

– Find out what kind of pictures you like to look at the most and try to go with that style, vibe and setting.

– Talking about settings, congratulations… you now have a great excuse to go on beautiful walks and tell everyone you are doing it for the sake of art!

– Also a great excuse for those extra moments alone you’ve been needing so much.

– Also a great excuse to document your trips or meaningful moments with your friends.


Most of all, just remember to practice a lot and be passionate about what you are capturing – the passion will show up in the photo, specially if you keep practicing. One of my goals for this summer is to keep working on my photographing skills: there’s a lot to improve, but it’s also something I love to do!

Hope you end up with a lot of photos to show for your summer, painters.

Stay awesome,


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