Notes of the Week #3 – A new PMY!

1 2 3 Sem Título

Hello painters and I hope you guys enjoy this Sunday! As you’ve noticed, The Summing Up Team didn’t post anything on Thursday – that’s due to our recent theme! We’ve been working to make it more professional and good looking for ya. As you can see, we now have a bar to do some searches, the categories are also visible… And you can now pick the posts you want to read by Authors! The site still has some issues to be resolved, like our About section. Still, w’ere all really happy with this change and we hope we can continue to improve to our painters 😉

I) Sleep as much as you can – you know that in 2months you’ll be running like crazy again.

II) Also, run as much as you can – not the stressed way. I need to tonify my body as quick as possible!

III) Summer is the season to write poetry and to feel true love.

IV) Embrace the heat, as much as you might hate like I do. Think on the bright side – the sea is even more blue and you’re always using skirts and dresses. Your legs need freedom!

V) Also, another reason to use more floral patterns, who doesn’t love flowers?

VI) I’ve been reading like a maniac. Seems like time is flying and I need to feel the biggest amount of emotions that I can.

VII) Tove Lo is such a great artist, I think I might buy her album.

VIII) You won’t have success unless you risk it.

IX) Rejection and quitting can be the best thing that can happen to you. Just see it as a step from your life!

X) This is the hardest thing to admit and it’s The Thing that just keeps poping on my mind – I gave up from my own voluntary association. No one had time (me, Sofia and Luís included), no one has driving licenses, any connections that might us give a promotion… It was impossible to handle such a big and inspiring association with so little resources. Although it’s over and I’ve cried a bit, I’m really relieved and I feel like I can actually start to be a normal person, you know? A normal 19 years old that doesn’t carry a whole association in her back. I want to remember APA as gracious and important as it was because I truly felt we did it. We did a great job in such a young age and we helped so much in 2years.

Have a great week, painters! Tell me more on the comment section 😉



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