5 accessories I love

Hello painters!

Today, I wanted to light up the mood and talk about fashion. To me, fashion is something fun, expressive and creative. It’s something to help you enjoy your day, because you feel like the way you look is projecting who you are and how you feel onto the world. So, with that in mind, I’d like to share with you a bit of who I am, by showing you some of my favorite accessories.

Golden vintage watch


I don’t know exactly how this one came into my life – I probably “stole” it from my mother. It’s a very tiny watch and people usually find it funny or quirky because of how small it is (funny thing is, I used to have an even smaller one!). I love wearing it because I love how light it is and how beautiful the golden shade looks with a lot of my outfits.

Blue chevron scarf


This one was a birthday present almost three years ago, and I haven’t stopped wearing it since! Blue is my all time favorite color, specially the hues that feature in this scarf. Besides, the pattern is so modern and elegant, it looks great with most outfits I pull off – not to mention most of my wardrobe is blue anyway!

Black purse with golden details


I think I bought this one about two years ago, I definitely remember wearing it to most of the parties I’ve been to in the past two years. Why? Well, it’s about as fancy as it gets! Elegant, simple, but with a touch of “night life” – so, you know, pretty much made for me. It’s not very practical for everyday life, but it always dresses up a chic night outfit.

Simple wire ring


This one, I made myself! It’s certainly not flawless, but it’s a very simple and subtle ring, yet the little twist in front makes it stand out and feel more special. I love wearing it because of how light it is – unlike most other rings, it doesn’t make me feel constricted when it’s really hot out. And because of it’s simplicity, it works great with pretty much any outfit as well!

Pearl bracelet from Santiago de Compostela

I’ve been to Santiago de Compostela – in Galicia, the north of Spain – several times in my life, you know, like any good northern from Portugal. It’s a place I really enjoy and where I’ve had some beautiful moments, both with my group and with my mother. And this little souvenir I got the last time I was there is a perfect reminder of all of those moments. Like everything else on this list, it’s simple, but with an extra detail to make it stand out: in this case, those little shells. Don’t they look adorable?

And there’s my round up of a few of my favorite accessories! I have some more, maybe I’ll do a part two for this post soon, how would you guys like that? Tell me about it in the comments!

Stay awesome,


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