Paint Me Sunday – Be More Efficient


Happy Sunday, folks! Although you might not have noticed I’m currently on my finals but, well, I am. And you know why you haven’t noticed? Because I’m posting pretty much as if everything’s okay! The truth is, I may have some flaws but I’m definitely a efficient person. I’m always trying to organize my life,from relationships to drawers. Since I knew the finals would come (ugh.), I planned by posts really soon and scheduled them. So today I decided to bring you, painters, some of my advices to be more efficient and to get your shit done.

Declutter your desk: You won’t be able to work properly if you’re full of papers around you and things that might distract you. Also, when you’re organizing, you’re concentrated on that action – this helps you to continue the concentration yet on the job/studies you have to do. It’s like a preparation! Once you’ve cleaned your workplace, you’ll feel much better.

Use 2 different desks: I don’t use yet when I study, I take everything from ‘Desk Nº1’ and place on my bed, and then I start decorating my ‘Desk Nº2’ with worksheets (better think of it as a decoration really). If you make this separation, you’ll be able to have a table for work, creativity process or even technology. Can you really focus on something when you have Facebook right next to you and your friends are sending you messages?

Start Slow: Don’t start your day in a rush, just take your time. After waking up, eat well, read a book and let your mind adjust to the new day. When I start my finals, I like to wake up and stay 15-20min on bed resting yet awake, to have a big breakfast while watching some Youtube videos and pampering myself. Only after this hour or so I’ll start to work!

Take Breaks: DON’T pretend you’re a superhero, lock yourself in your room and work of endless hours. This will be unproductive since we can’t concentrate over something for so long. If you don’t have enough time, prioritise. What do you have to do more urgently? Which exam you know for sure you’ll pass if you study? Decisions are the most important thing when you’re put into stress. So take a break of 20-45min and do something you enjoy.

Schedule Tasks: There are amazing apps that can help you with this or you can even go old way and make yourself 1 and pin it on your wall. The most important thing is to be aware you’ll need to be organized and you need to follow that schedule strictly. To avoid procrastination, just make a realistic schedule – no one likes to study maths for 3hours in a row but if you look at your schedule and realize that after 3hours you’ll watch your favourite series…Well, that will motivate you for sure!

This is all for today, painters! What do you think about these tips and tricks?



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