Let’s go to the beach

Hello, painters! As we promised you, this week’s post is about beaches. The beach is not our bitch…. It’s, in fact, our heaven on earth. We want to share our love for the golden sand and the blue-skyed sea with you guys.

The beach is quite simbolic to us, portuguese people, due to our past made of conquers and over seas explorers. The beach is the beginning of the mistery of the ocean and the end of the wonders of the land. It’s the coolest place to be in the summer, where you can relax, chill out and have a great time. It’s amazing for families or for groups of friends, you can surf and enjoy the power of the waves. Get mixed into the landscape and leave your pale tone in the past.

So we chose our favourite portuguese beaches. Here they are:

1. D. Ana beach, in Lagos – this is an incredibly beautiful beach located between two cliffs, which prevent you from getting a windy beach day


2. Falésia beach, in Albufeira – perfect like every single beach located in Albufeira


3. Marinha beach, in Carvoeiro – a beach with a breathtaking view


4. Guincho beach, in Cascais – one of the best beaches that the centre of Portugal has to offer


5. Olhos de Água beach, in Olhos de Água – beautiful as it can be


6. Rocha beach – amazing to get tained and to have a family time


7. Barril beach, in Tavira – don’t miss this beach, you won’t regret it


8. Nazaré beach, in Nazaré – the beach to surf in


9. Miramar beach, in Gaia – an ode to the beauty of the sea

best-beaches-in-europe-praia-de-miramar10. Quiaios beach, in Figueira da Foz – magnificent


Have you ever gone to one of these beaches? If you haven’t you should really go with your friends or family and have a good time. Portugal beaches are known worldwide – for example, D. Ana beach and Falésia beach are in the top 20 of the best beaches in Europe.

Try our beaches and let us know your opinion. Have a nice weekend!

Paulo and Luísa

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