Movies that mess up your mind…

Hello painters!

For this post I bring you something different: mind f*ck movies! You know, those movies that you don’t know what the hell is happening until the very end and for some of them you still don’t have a clue what they’re about even when the credits start to roll? Yeah, today I’m going to talk about those movies!

Memento (2000):


This movie is pure genius in my opinion! It’s about Leonard, a man without short term memory that is hunting the man that killed his wife. Leonard creates a strange system (like tattooing names and dates) to help him remember recent stuff (since he can’t do that due to his condition). The brilliant thing about this movie? There’s actually two ways you can see it since there are two types of sequences during the film: black-and-white and coloured ones. The black-and-white scenes show what happened chronologically (work forward to the climax) while the colour scenes are in reversed chronology (starting with the climax and work backwards). So, you can see it like it was meant to be seen – both sequences mixed – or you can see it chronologically right – black-and-white sequences first then the coloured ones, watching it in the chronological order of the events.

Donnie Darko (2001):


To me, this one is the FATHER of all mind f*ck movies! Seriously, I watched it years ago and I still don’t know what the hell happened! The only thing I can say about the movie is that there’s an evil bunny. I can’t even explain the main plot to you guys. This movie is so confusing that its creators actually made a website to explain it (and yes, I’ve read the article in the website and I still don’t get the movie). It’s the only movie that actually makes me feel really dumb! So, if you like mind f*ck movies, watch this one (and then explain it to me, ok?)

Inception (2010):


A dream inside a dream inside a dream… Is your mind already confused? Inception is a movie about Cobb, a man that steals companies’ secrets through the technology of dream-sharing, but instead is assigned a mission where he has to make the opposite: planting an idea in someone’s head. The confusing part of this movie and the part where theories emerge is in the end: is Cobb dreaming or is he in real life?

By the way, both Memento and Inception were directed by Christopher Nolan! The name sounds familiar? That´s because he’s the genius behind the last Batman franchise!

What about you painters: do you like mind f*ck movies? Can you always figure them out?

Have an amazing day!


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