Summing Up – All The News in 3 Lines or so


Hey there painters and welcome to another post of All The News in 3 Lines or so! As you all know, we want to bring a small post with everything that’s happening on the world lately. Yet this post will only be about the G7! Shall we start?

Recently, the G7 Summit happened where some world liders gathered to talk about problems around the planet; some of these problems were the usage of fossil fuels, Greece’s economy and Russia versus Ukraine (there were more topics that we will not cover for the sake of this post size but we recommend that you google the rest of the summit!) 

Usage of fossil fuels: “CHANGE TO RENEWABLE RESOURCES” is the main idea of this topic, the world liders have agreed that by 2050 all electricity should come from nuclear and renewable sourcs, some people (like myself) think that 2050 IS TOO LATE but it is nontheless step forward.

Also important: in 6 months, there will be another meeting over the usage of fossil fuels, promoted by the ONU!

Greece’s debt: Mrs Angela merkel says that she and the other European presidents would like to keep Greece in the E.U. but if that is to happen then Greece will need to implement reforms, privatize public companies and some more austerity means (like Portugal did! Seriously?).

Russia vs Ukraine: Both Merkel and Obama think the same –  Russia must comply to the cease fire that Kiev and the rebels accepted last February, and if they don’t then additional sancitions will be applied.
What do you guys think about the G7? Do you think it will work or not, that these decisions are correct and important or not… Whad do you think? 😉
The Summing Up Team

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