Being Jealous


You know when you enter a shop and you know straight away that you totally need that piece of clothing in your closet? Whether is because you’re searching for it for so long or because it transmits you an important message. I felt it with this dress. It may look like a poser that it definitely isn’t. When I bought it, I was in an actual terrible time of 2015 and the message that the dress gave me was something like ‘be yourself and make others look at you and say ‘wow”. I didn’t felt wow at that time at all, so buying this dress was actually a soul treatment that I must thank to H&M.

  11304124_863604320379881_248659611_n 11329588_863604297046550_1518347996_n 11354695_863604287046551_1093996743_n 11358706_863604260379887_666443366_n

What do you guys think about these pictures? 😉

Have a great week!



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