Sofia’s Top Apps

Hello,  painters!

Since I’ve gotten my new phone, I’ve been getting into the whole app business – I have to admit, it’s one of the things that always fascinated me about smartphones. So I decided to share a list of my favorites with you!

My Study Life

Either Angie or I might have told you about this one already, it really is great! Because I have a physical daily planner, though, I didn’t get much use out of it, and ended up uninstalling it. But it’s so good to plan out your semester, specially in those first few weeks, when you’re flooded with information about classes, classrooms, assignments, time-tables and due dates… It even comes with a reminder for every single class you have, telling you what class it is and what room it’s in. I might download it again next semester, but I have the summer to think about first 😉


This one is probably familiar to you already, but for the ones using Facebook mostly as a chat… Whatsapp is better. I know, I know, but you already have your Facebook account with all of your friends in it, and you don’t have to install any extras or create new accounts… But, trust me, it’s worth it. You see, all those lost hours procrastinating through your Facebook feed just because you went in to talk to someone for a couple of minutes? They don’t happen on Whatsapp. Plus, you can change your background in conversation mode, not to mention all those cool emoticons (the cutest whales I’ve ever seen)!


Dollarbird is a life saver – and this isn’t an exaggeration! You see, I used to write down every day every single thing I bought on my planner and, at the end of the month, I had to take all those little notes and put them on a new notebook, all while adding the expenses up by categories, so I could see where my money was really going. I’d end up leaving things out sometimes, or not keeping tabs of what money was coming in… So it wasn’t always super effective, not to mention time consuming.

But it’s much, much easier with Dollarbird. You get an extra second and you can write your expense down right there and then, so no risk of forgetting. Plus, you know all that adding up I was doing? This app does it automatically! When you put down the expense, it asks for a category and then it shows you a report of the money you’ve spent for the month, already sorted by categories. It’s just awesome and it will help you gain good financial habits – which are important if you don’t want to live in bankruptcy your entire life!


I’ve only just downloaded this one, actually! It was shown to me in class, in a group presentation, and it’s all about meditating, relaxing and getting that stress and anxiety of the daily rush out of your body. It comes with different animated scenarios, including sounds for each, and they also give you lessons on what you should do to relax. It’s really a great idea to take 10 minutes of your day and just be still, in peace, and stop thinking. It’s actually been proven that meditation has health benefits, so this is another way your smartphone can help you live a better life!

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations. Are there any other apps you’d like to share with us? Leave them below, I’ll definitely take a look!

Stay awesome,


3 thoughts on “Sofia’s Top Apps

  1. destas aqui uso o whatsapp pois é prático, tem símbolos que adoro mas mais importante tenho lá um grupo com família distante onde diariamente colocam fotos suas!
    à parte destas gosto muito do insta, snap e do tumblr!


    1. O whatsapp dá sempre jeito 😀 Essas também são muito boas, mas são mais conhecidas, daí não as ter posto no post 😉


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