The amazing summer trends

Hello, painters!

Over the next weeks we are going to do a series of posts celebrating the magic, perfect and loved summer.

Now that the sun has decided to stop being a shy and insecure teen girl, the time has finally come to adapt your wardrobe for the warm weather. Sound a bit daunting? Lucky you, painter, we are here to help!!!

So we decided to start with the fashion under the sun. The 2015 summer trends are:

1. Floral prints

2. Use and abuse colors

3. Full white is the madness

4. Say nay to grey

5. Prints are perfection

6. Denim is a classic

7. Pink is the new black

8. Shorts all the way

Pictures from: H&MZaraStradivarius and TopMan

Summer = sassyness… Be kinky, special, unique, eccentric and this summer shine brighter than the sun. Enjoy, be happy, gorgeous, be amazing and amaze. Be you! Make us proud, painter! Be fashion – dress up and walk down the street dressed to impress.

For the next post, the portuguese beaches will take centre stage. Get tuned, get ready for summer, get yellow. Or better, get golden brown with the summer. But that’s the subject for the next saturday post. Don’t miss it. We’ll catch up with you guys later.


Paulo and Luísa


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