Summing Up – 10 Tips for your 2015 Wishes


Hello painters, today me and Ângela would like to remind you of something: 2015 IS HALF DONE. Time flew by right? We bet that you still have wishes from January that are not fullfilled, so let’s get our hands dirty! You still have 6 months!

Be Realistic: As much as I love to dream, I know I’ll have to make achievable choices or I won’t be able to make anything at all. Prioritise is something we must all learn to do and that should be applied to your dreams too. Every goal is achievable; it’s your deadline that isn’t – since we’re in the middle of the year, you don’t have much time,do you?

Let it Go: no,this isn’t Frozen but it could be. just because you lack time doesn’t mean you have to start acting maniac and time freak. Giving up doesn’t mean you’re weak, sometimes means you’re smart and you’re starting over.
Getting Fit: fit does not mean that you have muscle and if your wish to 2015 was to gain some muscle then I have to be honest: I don’t think you have much time; however you have A LOT of time to get fit, all you need is a good diet and lots of exercise. Don’t give up now!
Vacations: if you wanted to travel somewhere this year than you will get the chance to do so this summer! I do not know what kind of places you like but remember that this world is big. REALLY BIG, you probably didn’t explore your entire country even so always consider your own country a tourist spot!
Art: art is an amazing way to distract yourself and this year I would like to get better at drawing. It is a good wish for this time of the year, you can go outside and paint all that you see and sooner or later you will get better, well, I hope I get!
Stop the Money Dictatorship: It’s June already and you might feel like you haven’t done anything! That’s pretty normal, even thought I haven’t felt this year, I’ve felt it in the past. So pick up your savings and spend it – it really doesn’t have to be anything big or it definitely shouldn’t be a compulsive shop. But still, don’t feel frustrated for not having or doing something that makes you happy just because you’re saving money. Only 6months left on 2015, you better hurry up!
Confidence: The only opinion that matters is yours, always remember that; people like to be mean for no reason at all and to always point out flaws. However, remember that just because you don’t hear about your quality does not mean that you don’t have any.
0% of Fear: This should be applied everyday. Listen to your fears and try to understand what’s stopping you from making those wishes coming true. This year I’ve finally admited to myself that I enjoy singing – enjoying doesn’t mean I do sing well but the point is, I surpassed my fear of making a fool of myself and actually sang for Luís (this might seem a ‘so what’ scene but this is serious). So take your time and then attack!
Confort is for the weak: not really, I like being confy, but if you want to improve yourself in any way then always remember that you NEED to get out of your confort zone. Eventually it will become your own confort zone and you will have to leave it again, it’s a cycle; a  sad cycle of always leaving your confy side (just kidding, it’s for the best).
 Happy Vibes Attract Good Experiences – Need to say more?
This is it painters! We hope that you got some ideas of what to do and feel a bit more enthusiastic! Until next time!

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