My 2015 Wishes and some Thoughts about it

Hello painters, how are you doing? Today I decided to make a small reflection and to talk about my 2015 wishes. The reason why I’m doing this is because the year is going way too fast and we’re already in June – yes, half of 2015 is gone. Can you believe it? Because I really don’t! I always try to master time and pretend I have everything under control but the truth is time does fly away and I can’t avoid feeling sad and frustrated for spending a whole year (again) under the stress from classes and exams, voluntary work, hanging out with friends and pretty much it. Where are my goals of learning how to paint or watching Hitchcock films? Well, there aren’t anywhere because I simply can’t find time for them. So to avoid another year ‘wasted’, I thought it would be good to see if I’m taking care of my wishes and if not, what should I change. In case you don’t know this post, here it is.

Continue my voluntary work – This is a very delicate topic right now. Since the year started, I’ve quit my job in one of the associations and the other one is currently stand by. Even though this isn’t a great scenario, I learnt that I also need to take time for myself instead of helping other 7days per week and so I’ve been trying to rest as much as I can thanks to this stand by moment.

Stop listening to what others say about me – Something I’ve definitely improved on! Quite proud of this one.

Don’t worry so much about money – Still trying to manage this but I’m also enthusiastic about my progress on this wish. I’ve been saving more money and using apps that help me control my savings. I guess I’m starting to act like a normal girl when it comes to money, yey!

Don’t panic so much – Yup, something to work on. I don’t think this will ever change.

Work more on my dream: to be a writer – Also something that’s on progress but improvement has been made! I’ve asked for help quite a few times, sold +/- 15books and I’ve been offering some copies to book critics. The best I can do while studying!

Learn more about mythology-  So far, a big failure! Not sure this will be a wish for summer, since I have other plans ahead.

Talk only with positive people – Yes, I have some negative friends BUT their love is so overwhelming that I can just thank you for being there. Nevertheless, I’ve lost closeness to some people because I felt they were just making me feel bad about myself and the world around me. Yes, I know that my college sucks but you don’t have to repeat it 10x a day. Let’s try to pick up those bad energies and to make a sort of Les Miserables revolution instead of complaining and not doing anything. This is something I’ve worked on – don’t complain if you haven’t done anything.

Cook more – Another big failure so far! I just can’t find time to cook, as much as I want to. Still, I want to try some recipes during summer, specially some cool drinks and ice creams!

End all my reading challenge – As you might guess, I haven’t still finished them but I’m working on it! 15 books read so far 😉

Eat healthier food – Painters, if you only knew how this wish has changed me! I’ve been drinking loads of water and yummy juices everyday and trying to avoid eating meat as much as I can (semi-vegan, idk guys). Without being modest, I’m so proud of myself. I’ve became a girl that can eat really dark chocolate, avoid cakes and eat fish and salads for 3 days. Miracles do happen.

Be more confident – I think this is something I’m working on everyday and even if I continue my progress, I won’t finish my process this year. I started the year feeling unconfortable over taking pictures of myself in the middle of the street. Then, about some friendship problems. Now, even though I’ve found an answer to all these thoughts, I stop and think about how could it would be to actually feel normal and confident enough to go to a restaurant and eat alone, or to go to the cinema alone. This is a non-ending process of gaining confidence and so far I’m happy about it.

Continue doing sports – Something to work on during Summer/September!

Holiday with friends – Mission accomplished! Going 2 different weeks with different friends and I can’t wait to swim in the ocean.

Continue working on my blogs – Everyday I check them up and I can say that they’re growing! A huge thank you to all of our supporters!

Stop running away from technologies – Another part of my life I’ve been working on. Still a lot to do but at least I’m trying!

So here are my 2015 wishes – So far, I’m trying hard to make them come true and hopefully they will. Have you guys made any 2015 wishes?



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