The Bookclub – June

Hello, painters!

It’s already been six months since we’ve started doing this post, so it’s time to mix it up a bit. This month’s Bookclub post is brought to you by Sofia and not Angie, but I’ll promise to treat you as nicely as she does 😉 We also have another surprise for this month, and that surprise is called Magda! So let’s kick off the post with her choice, why not?


magda june

The book I chose is “Paper Towns” by John Green. I’m addicted with this author! Proof? I realised I’ve only been reading John Green this year.

“Paper Towns” was the last one I read and, since the movie is coming out, I thought that it would be an excellent choice for this month.

It’s about a teenage boy who embarks on a journey along with his friends (okay, he kind of makes them join his journey) to find the girl he likes, Margo Roth Spiegelman – coolest name ever, am I right? So, Margo disappears and she leaves some clues for Q. The big questions are: Who is the real Margo? Does she really want to be found?

It’s really good and I completely  recommend it to you guys!

Luísa & Paulo

luisa e paulo june

The book we chose this month is “Sí Decido Quedarme” (If I stay). The reason we chose it is because we have already read it and we think everyone should read it too. Although it’s in Spanish, it’s very easy to understand the story. It’s about a girl who is in a car accident with her family. While she is in the hospital, we see her trying to decide whether she lives or dies. The book shows us that she is the only person with the power to change her situation. Is it worth living or not?


angie june

Hey everyone! This will be a reading diary part II (since I’ve made the first reading diary on The Bookclub from March). From the list, I’ve read The Hours by Michael Cunningham, The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald and On the Road by Jack Kerouac. Yes, there’s only 1 book missing – Big Cherry Holler by Adriana Trigiani. I want to read this book asap! Reading that book, my next reading will be White Noise by Don de Lillo and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. The first book has the most hipster cover ever and I’m looking forward to reading it, since it’s an ironic book regarding the consumerism, whereas Gone Girl… I might be the only girl on Earth that hasn’t read or watched this story!



This month, I made a softer choice and decided to recommend you some lighter, yet hysterical writing: who else but Meg Cabot? If you’ve read “The Princess Diaries”, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, Meg is the kind of author that will get even the grumpiest teenager laughing like there’s no tomorrow.

The “Mediator” series is, out of what I’ve read, my favorite series by this author. It’s about a rebellious teenage girl who can see GHOSTS – what’s not to like, right? But it gets better: when she moves with her mom into her stepdad’s old repaired house, she finds that she now has more company than her three new stepbrothers. And yeah, you guessed it: her new company is one very sexy, very dead latino hunk from the 1800s.

How is Suze going to handle this unwanted presence, all while dealing with a new school, new friends, a new family and murderous ghosts creating messes everywhere? In the funniest of ways possible, of course. Or the books wouldn’t be signed by Meg Cabot.

That’s it for this month, hope you have time to catch up on your readings as well! Tell us all about it in the comment section.


Team Yellow

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